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Rev. 20-Jul-2019

This page is intended to be a help to residents of Lilly Lake who wish to advertise their business services. If you want to put something on this page, please contact Marilyn.

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Businesses Run by Residents

Many residents of Lilly Lake own their own businesses. Contact information for these businesses is as follows. It is for your information only. The Association makes no claims about the services offered and is not a party to any contracts held by these businesses.

Mur-Lin Concrete
Owner: Hank Roth, 7730 334th Ave, 537-4761

NetLogix Inc.
President: Dean S. Fyrda, 7926 336th Ave,,, 414-640-2287

No-Mess Chimney Sweeps
Owner: Dan Schultz and Kelly Wilson, (262) 537-2724 or (815) 347-1262 or (847) 537-2160

Sue's Out Shopping
Owner: Sue Baldwin, 262-939-1042. Sue will run your errands and do your shopping for you:, e.g., grocery, dry cleaner's, drug store.

TLC Construction - New Homes and Remodeling
Owner: Tom Carlson
Contact: (262) 537-4577 or


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